Monday, November 16, 2009

Shower Pictures

Okay, so here are pictures that I took with my camera.  These are a smattering of pictures of some of the gifts with a few others thrown in.  Hopefully, I will have some people pictures to add to the mix soon.

I love these tulips!

The roses were so pretty!

Except for the pink frilly stuff, this is all cake.  A friend of my Mom's decorated it for us and it looked adorable and tastes even better!

The same friend also made these pretzels that have been dipped in chocolate with these cute baby things! 
They tasted so yum!

Now we can have a clean baby!  This tub is shaped like a whale!

I am so excited that we have a bassinett for her!  Yes, it is all setup and waiting for her in our room. 
I wanted to test out putting Lucy in it, but Aaron said Angel would have to do as the model.

Here is Angel again testing out the Bumbo chair.  It can even hold up a doll!

I think Angel's favorite thing is this doll chair.  It is handpainted with flowers.  Perfect for a baby girl's room.

We also received some clothes as gifts.  She now has a sassy pair of jeans with a cute top. 

I love these corduroy overalls and the cute as a button ladybug all in one. 

These burp cloths have her name monogrammed on them and are so, so adorable. 
Who wouldn't want to take a baby out just to show these off?

Look at all the cute toys!  The elephant will be a special friend along with the lion.
This mailbox toy is lots of fun because it makes sounds and has little packages to put in the slot.  Aaron and I had lots of fun playing with it!

Sarah Graves is really a lucky baby to be coming into the world with so many people already adoring her.  I never realized how many people would take an interest in what to us is a little miracle. 

As I was posting this I realized there are some more sweet things that I didn't get pictures of.  I will post pictures of those tomorrow.

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Nikki said...

OH she is a lucky girl and we are lucky that technology allows us to be so close to your little miracle. It has been so fun to read about all that is going on with y'all with the anticipation of her arrival. I feel so blessed that you have taken the time to share this with us! Miss you and love you bunches!