Friday, November 13, 2009

Shopping for a Pediatrician

Yesterday we went for our first consultation with a pediatrician's office.  This practice came recommended by a girl I met at a JL meeting (the same one who had the newborn that I couldn't take my eyes off), and one of the pediatricians in the practice is voted one of Atlanta's top 10.  It's not too far from our house, which is another plus. 
I'm not really sure what we are looking for in a pediatrician, so it's hard to form a strong opinion.  I liked that they have totally separate waiting areas for sick and well kids, they have a number you can call after hours to get advice or ask questions, during the school year they offer sick appointments on Saturdays, and the staff seemed friendly.  The parts that weren't impressive were the building looks dated and the more important one is that the doctors do not have privileges at the children's hospital.  This means that should she need to be hospitalized, we would have to see some other doctor during our stay. 
Recently I heard about alternative schedules for childhood vaccines.  Aaron and I thought the only decision to make was immunize or not, and we definitely agreed that immunizing was the choice for us.  This idea of an alternative schedule to reduce side effects is new to me, so I haven't had a chance to do much research.  I did mention it to the nurse who met with us and she acknowledged that more parents are starting to request this and they would be willing to work with us on this.  That seems to show some flexibility on their part, which might be a good thing. 
Next week we go for another consultation at a practice that came recommended by a friend from church, so hopefully the comparison will help us make up our mind. There are other practices out there too, these were just the 2 that came recommended.


Nikki said...

WOW!! Natalie and Aaron -- you two just amaze me more and more. You are so prepared, so ready and do your homework so well. All people who bring a child into this world should take this much time and effort. After all it is a human being. So sad that many members of our society just look a children in such a negative light, like is a right not a privilege. Way to go mom and dad!!

Libby said...

Good luck with this! I'm a little nervous about finding a pediatrician we really like too.

Leslie said...

We see P.A.M.P.A. (of course we have a specific doc within the practice, but this is the practice). They have an office here, but they also have offices all around the ATL and have priviledges at Children's. I have LOVED everything about them. They can always work me in, every doc and nurse is friendly and great with Tucker, the place is clean and well-kept (and has a giant fish tank for childhood amusement), separate sick/well waiting areas (and even a seperate area for newborns to keep them even safer), and all the specialists we've had to go to, recommended by them, were GREAT and the best in town. Our official doctor of record is Neelima Turlapaty, but we've seen a large number of docs in the practice and loved them all. I'd recommend a visit.

For me, the one thing I would pay most attention to (other than priveledges at Children's) is how the doctors, nurses, and staff react to/relate to you and other children in the office. (You can observe this as you walk through at scales and such - them with kids.) Afterall, so many times when you go there, you will be tired, frazzled, and possibly have a sick/unhappy kid on your hands. You want people who are nice to you and your child. :)

So there's my un-asked-for $0.02. :) haha!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the tips, Leslie! We need experienced Mommy advice!