Sunday, November 1, 2009

St. Benedict's First Sunday Celebration

Well, I made it to Sunday. This morning our church, St. Benedict's, moved into it's new worship facility. We've been meeting for two years at the gym of Campbell Middle School in Smyrna, but on this triumphant All Saints Sunday we started worshiping at our newly renovated space at 2160 Cooper Lake Road in Smyrna. Though some of the renovations (i.e., some paint, kneelers, hymnal racks, some classrooms, some pews) are still ongoing, we worshiped with a packed house today.

This was a celebration of God's miracles, in three years our little parish has gone from zero to about three hundred regular worshipers. From now until May 2010, we are expecting 10 new infants in our church. That's Sarah and nine fast friends all in our parish. This kind of church growth is almost unheard of in mainline denomination parishes in the U.S. today. We are blessed with three dedicated priests, several devoted church staff, and many volunteers.

Last Sunday was our last Sunday in the gym and as the processional left at the end of worship things got FUNKY! Who says that Episcopalians are the frozen chosen? See what I mean.

Nat and I are very excited to have a vibrant community in Christ in which Sara can grow.

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Nikki said...

AMEN!! What a blessing. I am truly Amazed but shouldn't be....God has his hand in everything!