Friday, November 6, 2009

More Shower Gifts

At the shower we received several very special gifts that will be used for the christeining.  These will also be special keepsakes once Sarah Graves gets older.  They are so sweet and so thoughtful that I thought they needed their own post.

My Maw-Maw Yvonne picked out this sweet, little bracelet for her.  It has her initials engraved on the inside and it is just adorable.  What girl doesn't need some jewelry?

Aaron's Mom sent this very sweet gift to the shower. It's a little gold ring with a heart on it for Sarah to wear as a baby. It is so sweet and simple. I know that she will treasure it long after her little finger outgrows it.

When my Dad was born, an aunt made a christening gown for him.  The gown is beautiful with French hand sewing and all the children in the family wore it up until my youngest cousin was christened.  When my cousins started having their children, my grandmother started the tradition of letting each one pick out a christening gown for her to make for their baby to wear.  When she asked what I would like, I told her one like Dad's.  This was a big undertaking and she used several patterns in order to get the style to match his.  She gave it to me at the shower and it is simply gorgeous.  She did the embroidery and the hand sewing beautifully.  The slip has embroidery on it and the little bonnet has embroidery on the crown. 

The lacework and the embroidery came out so beautiful.

There are tiny, tiny little buttons at the neck of the dress.

I cannot wait for Sarah Graves' christening to see her in these very special little things.

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Nikki said...

she is such a loved little girl. Those items are the amazing memories that a family of love share. We are truly, truly blessed to have so many hearts loving us all! I am soooo excited for Sarah Graves to be a part of this family!