Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Shower

The shower in Baton Rouge was a lot of fun.  My Dad's sisters and my cousins on that side got together to give me and my cousin Lynsey a huge shower.  We estimate there were about 100 people there between the two of us. 
First, the food.  My cousin Eric made gumbo and he also made sushi, something he has become known for.  We also had sandwiches and dips and fruit and veggie trays as well as some cupcakes that were super yum!  My Aunt Linda made these scratch offs as a game that everyone enjoyed! The card had a bottle on it and if you scratched yours and you got milk, you won!  My cousin Andrea made little favors that had chocolate covered pretzels and were just too cute.  Because the shower was for me and Lynsey, my stuff was in pink because we're having a girl and her stuff was all in green because they are choosing to be surprised.  
Jeanne' acted as the photographer for the event, so I have a ton of pictures.  Although, we didn't get pictures of everyone who came.  There were so many ladies, it got overwhelming trying to open gifts and visit with everyone and we forgot to take pictures with everyone. 

Me and Lynsey showing off our baby bumps!

Me, Mom, and Jeanne'

The shower hostesses (a group of ladies who worked really hard to create a nice event) my cousin Andrea, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Linda, cousin Nikki, Aunt Tammy,  and my Mom with me and Lynsey

Mom, Aunt Beck, Maw-Maw Yvonne, me and Jeanne'

Brennan with Emily KateAbby with a cupcake
Ryan and FisherMaw-Maw with Emily KateJeanne' with Emily KateAlexis and me

I will do another post to show the adorable gifts that we received for Sarah Graves.

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Nikki said...

It was such a fun shower!! Plus the turn out was absolutely wonderful. These little babies are soooo loved!! Soooo glad we got to see you, Jeanne' and Aunt Tricia. I wish ATL was closer! Love to you all!