Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We have a glider!

About 6 weeks ago we picked out the glider that we wanted for the nursery and it is finally here!  I am really excited about the color and how well the chair fits.  You may recall that I was very anxious about it being too large for the space and Aaron convinced me that we had space for it.  He was right.  Good thing one of us can envision how things will fit!
It is very comfortable and the back is a great height for me to be able to lean back and fall asleep.  I envision that we will be spending a lot of time right there in that chair.  The ottoman is great because it can glide, or it has a piece that pulls out to make a footrest for when you are nursing. 
I am so looking forward to us holding her and being able to read books to her before she goes to sleep.
Thank you Mom and Dad for getting this for us!


Nikki said...

Oh the nursery is soooo adorable. I LOVE the glider. Wow -- gliders have certainly come a long way.

Can't wait to sit with her when we head to ATL!!

Libby said...

Natalie, I love your new blog layout! I might have to steal your idea again :). The nursery looks beautiful! I know you can't wait to have Sarah Graves in it!