Monday, February 6, 2017

Christmas Day

After we opened our gifts here at our house, we headed to Lovie and Pops' to celebrate with them. The kids were eager to jump into opening more presents!

Livy was excited to try out her new makeup kit.

Charlie was super-excited to try out his new magnetiles!

Sissy was all smiles opening her Barbie jet.

It took some work to get it ready for flight.

All finished!

A shark tail blanket for Charlie

A mermaid tail for Sissy!

Our cute mermaids and shark!

Sissy was proud to give the gift that she and Livy made! A handprint Christmas tree!

Sissy got a laundry set for her AG dolls!

The kids were all really excited to open their big gift - a small trampoline!

After the Christmas gifts, it was time to celebrate Livy's 2nd birthday!
Hard to believe this sweet girl turned 2!

Make a wish!

Ready for some of her ice cream cake!

Charlie likes it!

Charlie and Livy are best buddies and he can make her laugh better than anyone!

We had such a great day together, relaxing and enjoying being together!

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