Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday, Sarah Graves!

Always excited to celebrate her birthday, Sarah Graves picked an American Girl themed party! She envisioned it with all the kids in pjs and serving her favorite breakfast, waffles and bacon!

These cuties were so excited to show off their matching pjs for them and their dolls! Lovie made shirts for them and their dolls to all match to mark the special day.

So happy that Lovie and Pops could celebrate with us.

Aaron was the head cook making 4 pounds of bacon and more than 20 waffles for the girls! We did not have leftovers either!

Lovie and Pops outdid themselves on this adorable cake that put Sarah Graves on her own American Girl doll box!

Rainbow Bobby and Elfa Claire came back to celebrate the birthday! They ended up staying a few days after Charlie knocked them down and they had to recover! We aren't sure if Santa will send them back since they were treated rough!

The elves decorated SG's chair for her party! A fun surprise!
I had fun making SG her special birthday cookies. We did stars, hearts, and some special ones with her monogram.

We saw the idea for this fun centerpiece on Pinterest. We used boxes from American Girl things and added some fun things to shoutout her special birthday.
My girl loves roses and these purple pink ones were just right for her.

She put together the goodie bags for her friends. We included a lipgloss, some chocolates, and candy jewelry for each girl.

Sarah Graves was really excited about the crafts for the party. She picked to make a "cake" for her dolls using various colored sponges, pieces of felt, and pom pops!

The kids enjoyed putting together their pieces of cake. 

We played American Girl doll bingo and I don't know if the kids loved eating the hershey kiss markers or winning the prize more! 

Pops gave SG a little bingo strategy talk.

Love those sweet faces!

I found inspiration on Pinterest to make this American Girl doll box photo prop. It was a favorite for the kids!

The fruit kabobs were a big hit with Olivia!

Sarah Graves had a really good time with her friends!

She was very excited to see this candle. She and her friends had a great time watching it open and delighted at the song it played!
I love seeing that big smile on her! It makes all the hard work worth it!

Another craft we did was making tutus for the dolls!

Lovie and these cutie girls!

All of the party guests! The weather was terrible with big thunderstorms and nonstop downpour all morning, which made it especially nice that so many girls could come!

After the friends left, it was time to open presents!
Aunt Barbara and Uncle Less delighted her with a nail painting set and a paint your own tea set!

Aunt Lex and Uncle Tim gave her a fun American Girl doll scrapbook set!

Maw Maw gave her some cute new boots!

Granny and Ger Ger sent this awesome Belle and Beast dollhouse!

She was given a lot of other awesome gifts too. She had fun with lots of new Barbies and doll things!

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