Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Year's

Grandaddy and MiMi came to visit for New Year's! The kids were really excited to have them visit! It was also our last extension of Christmas.

They made special cards for Grandaddy and MiMi.

Of course, the kids were very excited to open more Christmas presents!

This was the Christmas of the mermaid for Sissy! She loves mermaid tails and was super excited to get some for herself, her doll, and a blanket one!

 Everything was going great, until Charlie was in a cranky mood and then I touched him and realized he had quite a fever going. We got him into bed and later checked on him to realize his fever was over 104 and I was getting nervous! He was pitiful and felt rotten all afternoon and most of the evening. Poor guy missed most of New Year's Eve.

MiMi and Grandaddy gave Sissy a sewing kit and she was really excited to put it to use. MiMi showed her how to get started and they made a pillow for her dolls!

I like for the holidays to feel fun, so we decided New Year's Eve should feel like a little party. We made fun appetizers for dinner and had some yummy treats along with a tasty champagne punch and Moscow mules!

Poor Charlie didn't feel his best, but he woke up for a while and tried to have fun! At least we were at home so he could get in bed when he wanted to.

As the evening went on, Sissy decided she needed a fancier dress on for the occasion!

We needed to pass the time until midnight, so we played some bunco and this funny game where you balance the dice on a popsicle!

Sissy lasted until about 1 am and then she was a sleeping princess!

I'm so glad we could ring in the new year together!

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