Monday, February 6, 2017

A Little More Holiday in the Park!

The day after Christmas we headed back to Six Flags for more Holiday in the Park!
Sg and Livy rode the boat first. SG sweetly put her arm around Livy when Livy was scared.

Charlie only wanted this boat and he wanted to drive, so he waited in line until he could be first and get his pick of boats! I think he thought it was worth it!

Charlie wanted nothing to do with this elf, but Livy and Sissy were eager to have a picture with the elf and thought she might be going to see Santa!

Aaron caught this great shot of Charlie and me riding Wonder Woman.

                                                                                                          Cute gingerbread girls!

 Sissy was eager to ride the Joker's Chaos Coaster, but once she got on she remembered she is not a fan of this looping ride that leaves you dangling upside down!

The carousel was fun for everyone!

This guy plays hard and has fun, but usually falls asleep as it gets dark and he gets tired.

Sissy and Lovie look like they are ready to take off!

Peppermint lane is one of Sissy's favorite parts with the spotlights that make peppermints on the walkway.

Nay took this cute pic of just me and Aaron. 

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