Saturday, February 25, 2017

When Mom and Dad Are Away

The original plan was for Lovie and Pops to watch the kids while we were gone. Then, the stomach bug struck. Lovie had it over the weekend and she was also taking care of Livy who had it. So, Pops volunteered to come to our house to stay with SG and Charlie! I think they had a great time with him! He texted us a steady stream of pictures while we were gone, which was good for my anxiety!

Saturday they hit the Kids' Workshop at Home Depot!

SG got the baby in my king cake!

They put on fashion shows for Pops!

Sarah Graves became an activist to stop hunger! This one was so funny to get! Pops cured that problem with dinner at Waffle House!

Char had a birthday party to go to and Pops made it happen.

There were more performances for Pops!

I think they had a really good time and made some good memories with Pops! I am so appreciative of both my parents going to all their efforts to be sure I had a fun birthday!

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