Friday, February 24, 2017

Birthday Dinner

After her party, Charlie and I took a great nap while Aaron and SG explored her fun new gifts. Once we were rested, we were ready for a birthday dinner to continue celebrating our girl! We called the rest of the family and they were happy to come celebrate at Copeland's!

Our server brought out a dessert with a sparkler and the staff came out to sing! She was pretty pleased with it!

I sometimes can't believe my baby is seven years old now! In some ways I can't imagine she isn't my little baby who looked up at me with sweet eyes so helpless and adoring. In other ways, I see how capable and confident this big girl is. She likes to shop with me, offers advice on clothes and makeup, and is turning in to an amazing baker - she is becoming someone I can see myself being best friends with. I am a lucky momma!

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