Friday, February 24, 2017


As the mom of a kid with long hair, I dreaded the possibility of lice! The school nurse called to say that she suspected SG had them. She was pretty insistent that we needed to use a professional service to get rid of them. I have heard about how resistant the lice are to many of the shampoos, so I made the appointment for us to get it checked out. 
The place is called Head Hunters of all things! I cracked up every time I said it! They are totally set for kids with Netflix for them to pick their show and a fridge full of juice boxes! My kids were happy enough to sit and have their hair checked for lice.

The lady started coming Sarah Graves' hair and immediately saw the lice. To be honest, it was gross to see her combing those bugs out of her hair!

Charlie didn't have any, which surprised me given how close they are.

No idea how to completely prevent getting them again, but I sure hope we don't!

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