Sunday, February 5, 2017

Christmas Eve Gift!

With Christmas Eve falling on a Saturday, it meant that I was off of work and made for a really nice start to the holiday!
For their last day at our house, the elves planned a surprise and hid candy canes!

The kids were really excited and eagerly hunted for them!

Since we had more time on Christmas Eve, we did a fun breakfast where Aaron made  waffles that we each decorated like a Christmas tree!  M&Ms and whipped cream made for quite a treat!

We had a relaxing day getting ready for our Christmas Eve gathering with my family and then headed to the children's service at church.

Sissy with her buddy, Charlie

Sissy and Greg

The children's choir did a fabulous job. They sing so sweet and put everyone in the spirit. There are two children's services at our church, one in the afternoon geared for the very young and the next one in the evening geared for the slightly older kids. I love that we go o the one for slightly older kids now and get to include parts that I love like singing Silent Night by candlelight.

After church we came home to enjoy a yummy dinner and treats!

Sissy made a menu detailing our offerings that included gumbo (it was so good if I do say so myself!), baked brie, and a very yummy wreath cake.

I felt like we hit the jackpot getting a photo of all 3 kids looking pleasant with Lovie and Pops!

Me and my babies!

Livy with her mama!

Sissy put labels on so Santa would know which stocking was for each person!

A game of Pop the Pig before dinner!

 Some silly pics before getting ready for Santa!

Leaving cookies out for Santa!

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