Sunday, February 5, 2017

Christmas Morning

Santa Claus made his way to our house in the wee hours of the morning. Shortly after he came, as in about 45 minutes later, Sarah Graves came to my bedside to let me know that she thought he came!

Sissy's amazing dollhouse from Santa. He even included a kitchen set and living room furniture! He decorated it with some things she already had including an awesome new daybed with trundle from Aunt Lex and Uncle Tim.

Charlie's "custom request" superhero hideout from Santa!

Santa brought some awesome presents! Some were things they asked for and some were special surprises!

Charlie was so pleased to see his super hero hideout!

Sissy was ecstatic to see the awesome American Girl dollhouse that Santa brought!

Aaron and I knew how bad she wanted a dollhouse, so we got her this one that does not even compare to what Santa brought! She added it to the one from Santa so that she has 9 rooms for her dolls!

After the kids looked over all their gifts from Santa, it was about 4 in the morning and I felt we needed to get some more sleep. So, we all headed back to bed and about 7 they came back to wake us so we could open our family gifts.
Aaron was very excited to open an Apple watch!

They were so excited about their gifts and excited to watch each other open things, too. That is one of my big wishes for my children is that they understand how good it feels to give to others. I think you don't quite appreciate that feeling until you give to your own children and find so much joy in their excitement!

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