Monday, March 1, 2010

First Bottle

I got over my fear and Aaron gave Sarah Graves her first bottle on Friday night.  It was the 2 AM feeding, so I didn't get out of bed to take a photo of the event.  She took 2.5 ounces and went right back to sleep.  Aaron said she didn't mind that it was a bottle and when I nursed her around 5 she didn't mind that it was the breast.  Yay!  Maybe she can switch back and forth easily! 
That relief bottle during the middle of the night was pretty nice for me, but maybe Aaron can give her the next one during more normal waking hours. 

1 comment:

Alexis said...

Of course she nursed well with both! She is a perfect angel!! Tell her Aunt Lex said she is doing such a good job at being a baby.