Saturday, March 13, 2010

Decision on Vaccines

Okay, we finally made a decision on the vaccine schedule issue and therefore the pediatrician to use. We have decided that we definitely want the alternative vaccine schedule and will use the one from Dr. Sears. I wish that we could continue seeing Dr. Fleming and have this alternative schedule, but that isn't possible. I made Sarah Graves' 2 month appointment with Dr. Strauss who is part of Kennesaw Pediatrics.
What made us choose the alternative schedule? Well, we went back and forth and couldn't make up our minds until finally I heard Dr. Oz speak about it on Oprah radio. Someone had written in with a question about vaccines and autism and he said that although there is no link between vaccines and autism, kids today get a lot more immunizations than ever before and we don't know how all of those shots may change and impact a fragile immune system causing some kids to have issues later. I have seen Dr. Oz a lot on Oprah and have liked his opinions before and hearing that made me feel certain that we can't be sure about the effects of multiple vaccines at one time, and I want to know that I tried my very best to make sure that she is healthy now and later in life.

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