Friday, October 30, 2009

Road Trip!

Mom, Jeanne' and I are heading off on a road trip to Baton Rouge for the weekend.  Family there is hosting a baby shower for me and my cousin who is due right before me.  I can't wait to see everyone!  I haven't seen any of the extended family since I've been pregnant and I have quite a big belly to show off now! 
I am also looking forward to the yummy food!  I need to be able to stay longer than a weekend to hit all the places that I have been dreaming of, but we'll get to a few.  A Mary Lee doughnut has been top on my list for some time now.  You just don't find doughnuts like that in Atlanta!
I will have plenty of pictures to post next week after we come back!


Nikki said...

no kidding -- Mary Lee's is the absolute BEST!!!

Also, just get ready for the Boudin Balls!!!

Natalie said...

The things that dreams are made of!