Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home Alone

No, it's not the movie from the nineties with that Culkin kid... way before he got busted for pot! But I did splash aftershave on my face this morning. Since Nat is in BR this weekend attending a baby shower for her cousin and her, I thought I'd better write so our followers don't start wondering what's goin' on.

Saturday morning, we're still in one piece here at the house... Lucy has been bathed (evidently she feels this to be a betrayal), I've made a grocery list, and I just have to be here this afternoon for the heating/air guy to perform our annual (or is it biannual?) maintenance. I'll probably try to run to Publix for some previsions before he gets here.

I wanted to give Lucy a walk this morning, but it looks like that storm that whacked Shreveport has finally arrived in the ATL. As long as the Direct-TV doesn't go out, Lucy and I will be just fine here at home... alone. Maybe I'll order pizza... Blue Moon Meateor, YUM!

I almost forgot... I should expect a few Trick or Treaters tonight... that'll be our little Sarah in a few years. I better pay it forward with some Twix, Woppers, and Kit Kat!

Well, better go... Lucy's barking... maybe the Wet Bandits are coming up the drive as I type... AHHH!


Nikki said...

We missed getting to visit with you this weekend but it was WONDERFUL getting to see Nat. Thank you for sharing!! She is so amazing and I cannot wait to see sweet Sarah Graves!! Take care!

Nikki said...

PS -- Natalie is NOT HUGE!!! She looks great!!! Glowing even!!!