Thursday, October 22, 2009


Dinner at our house was a series of mishaps tonight.  The meat that we took out of the freezer was not pork chops like we thought, but a small pork roast.  We could have worked with that, but it was also still frozen.  So, we decided to go for soup and grilled cheese.  Well as the picture demonstrates, I accidently dropped my bowl of soup and it went everywhere.  We called for Hoover and she came over to help start the clean up process.  She is very polite and does not lick off the dishes, so don't worry that if you eat at our house you are going to eat off of a dish that the dog licked.  The positive in this whole thing is we learned that fiesta ware is quite sturdy and can withstand being dropped on the floor.  Lucy learned that chicken noodle soup is another food that she enjoys!