Saturday, October 17, 2009


When we moved here, Aaron did research to find a church that would be a good fit.  We tried out many churches and found one that we liked, but it was a long drive from where we live.  The whole time Aaron kept mentioning this new church that would be starting up.  The first Sunday that the new church, St. Benedict's, had service, we were there.  The church was meeting in a gym at a middle school and we had both set our expectations low so that we wouldn't be disappointed.  We were not disappointed at all, and were quite surprised how friendly everyone was and how much it felt like a church, even though you were worshiping in a gym.  More than a year and a half has passed and we now feel very much like it is our church.  We have friends there, we teach Sunday school, and are looking forward to Sarah Graves growing up in that church. 
I was quite touched when I received an email asking about my due date because the church wants to provide some meals for us before the birth so that we won't have to stress about preparing food those first few days that we are home.  Our church has 8 pregnant women right now, so they are making plans in advance to keep up with the growing families!  It makes me feel good to know that we are part of a community of people who are happy to lend their support. 
I am also excited for Sarah Graves that she will have other kids her age at church.  Not all Episcopal churches are growing like ours, so it is something special to be a part of.  In 2 weeks we move into our new church and the school (yes, there is a preschool and elementary school up and running, too) will move into their new space.  We are all quite excited to have space that is ours and no longer borrowed from the public school where we have been worshiping. 

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