Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the hits just keep coming...

I am enjoying being pregnant, truly, but some of the changes that take place just add insult to injury.  This would explain why there are days when I feel like my limited vision is even more limited than normal:
Your eyes are yet another seemingly random part of the body affected by those kooky hormones at 26 weeks pregnant. During this time, your vision might be less sharp (Is that you, Honey?) and your contact lenses might be less comfortable to wear. (A wild new pair of glasses may be just the look right now — literally.)  Another twist in the eye story:  Even though fluid retention may be partially to blame, ironically, your eyes may be drier than ever.  But don't worry — eye symptoms, like skin symptoms, will disappear after delivery.  Just be sure to let your practitioner know what's going on, so he or she can…well, keep an eye on things.

Thank goodness the drier eyes will clear up after delivery!


Tricia said...

This information may not be good news but it's helpful to know it's not just you! Stay strong!!

Nikki said...

WOW -- again something new to learn. That little darling really is "taking over". Amazing how all of this works from a biological stand point. Simply amazing. Then poof it all goes away.

Hang in there!!!