Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toy Shopping

We saw a commercial this morning that Toys R Us was having an early bird sale and since we have an early bird, we thought we should see what deals they might have.  I like shopping with Sarah Graves because I like to see if a toy captures her interest or not.  Some things that I think would appeal to her do nothing for her and other things, well you can check this out...

For the record, I do not normally beat on baby dolls.  I could tell that the doll had batteries in it and I wanted to see what it did.  I tapped on the back of the doll to see if you had to make the doll move to get the activity out of it.  That made her giggle, so I kept doing it.  When I was in high school, we watched the movie, The Dead Alive a few times (maybe that's more like a few million).  If you didn't see the movie, you aren't out of the loop.  I think only a few hundred people rented it, but anyway, the movie has a scene where a baby becomes a zombie and they begin beating it and this interaction with doll reminds me of that scene in the movie.

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