Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SG at her Grandaddy and Granny B's

We took several short videos while we were at SG's Grandaddy's house.  It's ironic that we took these little videos right after we watched a DVD that was made from home movies of Mr. Dan and his siblings when they were growing up.  Mr. Dan was a baby in most of them and he was doing many of the things that SG does like stand at a chair and bat her hands at it! 
I have worked on my video editing skills and found a way to incorporate several short clips into one little video.  I was talking in the background of them, so I found a way to spare you that torture and put music over the audio.  Let me know if you like the music or hearing all the background noise better.  You can leave a comment to give me your opinion :)

1 comment:

Jeanne' Bourgeois said...

Hey Nat, loved the video and the music. Nice compilation