Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Party and Winter Weather

Yesterday was my office Christmas party.  The plan was for me to ride to the party with someone from work, stay at the party for a while, and then be picked up so that I could spend some more time with my cousin, Nikki, who is in town for a few days.  I got to the party just fine and then we started hearing from others that there was a bad accident just outside the neighborhood where the party was.  It took about an hour for most people to finally get there. 
We thought that was the worst part of it, but then about 45 minutes into the event we started hearing that the roads were icing and that the bridge you went over to get there was icy.  Great.  Our V.P. decided to cut the party short, so I made plans to get a ride home with someone on my team who lives near me.  We were less than 5 miles from my house, so this should have been a quick ride.  Because the roads were so bad, it took us over an hour and a half to get home. 
We were following one of the leaders who has a Mercedes with the navigation system and it warns you about traffic delays.  Sometimes this is annoying in Mom's car, but last night it proved useful.  He would have two cars he was leading headed one direction and then we would have to route another way because a bridge was out or accidents had roads blocked.  The person I was riding with is a timid driver on the best day and was in a panick last night.  She managed to overcome her fear and drive over ice.  To avoid her driving over the overpass near my house, I had her drop me off on the street that leads to my neighborhood and I walked home.  I'm glad that I had her drop me off there because that over pass was icy and cars were sliding on it.  Walking on ice in heels was not exactly easy either.  I must have looked like a penguin sort of skating along!
I was glad to get home to Aaron and I think SG was glad to see me, too.  After she nursed she laid her head on my shoulder and put her arms around me.  She would not normally do that, but it was incredibly sweet.
I was disappointed that due to the weather I didn't have a chance to see Nikki last night.  I didn't want anyone else stuck on icy roads, so it seemed like the mature decision (not the fun decision).

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Nikki said...

I am just now getting to read this part of the blog.....I too was soooooo dissapointed but glad we were all safe and sound with that horrible weather!!! I need to make another trip to ATL soon!
Miss you and love you tons!