Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shreveport Holiday Visit - Part 4

I got busy and didn't have a chance to post some more pictures from our visit to Shreveport.  Sunday morning we picked up Southern Made doughnuts (they are heavenly, if you haven't had them) and headed over to Grandaddy's house.  He and Granny B were ready for SG. 
Sarah Graves kept Grandaddy busy reading books, chasing her, tickling, her and generally letting her do whatever heart desired.   
Grandaddy had this toy that we termed her lightsaver.  It looked like a sword and it changed colors and oh did she adore it.  She walked around with it and was so excited to hold it. 

That evening they had some family over to meet Sarah Graves.  She met her Aunt Gwen...

and fell in love with Gwen's husband, Louis.

Granny B's son Steven liked her pretty well and she like him.  She has a thing for men...this could be a concern.

She met her Uncle Mike.  She liked him a lot and enjoyed playing with him, but when it was time for a photo, she didn't want him to hold her.  Women are fickle from the start.

Aunt Ardie and Uncle Joe were happy to play with her.  We told her all about her cousin Austin who will be arriving in March.  She didn't get it that the kicking in Aunt Ardie's tummy was Austin telling her hello. 

We really enjoyed visiting with everybody and are so glad that Grandaddy and Granny B invited them to com and hang out with us.  Plus, they made some yummy food for us all to enjoy. 

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