Friday, July 29, 2016

July 4th Weekend

We spent the long July 4th weekend having a great time at the lake! Uncle Ronnie, Chris, and the girls came back on their way back to Baton Rouge and Ms. Janan joined us for dinner one night. We swam in the lake, let the kids try out the water ski trainer, and of course rode on the raft! It was nice having a few days to be there and really relax. 

Something about riding on the boat makes Charlie and Livy go right to sleep!

Nay was learning to drive the boat.

We rode to the marina and the kids found ice cream!

Being pulled on the raft continues to be a favorite! It really is fun!

Even Livy wanted to try it out (going very slow), but she soon decided she preferred riding in the boat.

We had a great July 4th relaxing at the lake!

Lucy came this time and definitely loved being at the lake!

Charlie made a fun sculpture using his flip flop, sunscreen, sunglasses, and maybe another item or two he found around.

Sissy and Nay worked hard to make a festive, July 4th cake!

We had a great weekend enjoying the water and time with family! Lots of sweet memories!

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