Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Broadway Baby

The kids thoroughly enjoy going to camp and asked to add another, so I found a camp called Broadway Bound for Sarah Graves. It is led by a local theater company and takes kids through the whole process of writing, choreographing, singing, doing props, etc. to put on a broadway style musical. Sarah Graves was hesitant at first, but fell in love! I am so proud of her for trying something new and making new friends everywhere she goes!

The kids drew their own head shots!

Their opening number was one of the songs from "Chorus Line" 

They divided the kids into smaller groups to write a story that they would act out and Sarah Graves' group wrote a story about a princess who is kidnapped by an evil bunny and her friends come to save her. Sarah Graves played the role of Barbie who has lava power and can't be melted! It was fun to watch their creativity and see her style come out. 

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