Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beach Day 6

Our last full day at the beach was spent a lot like the others. Time at the pool and in the sand. 

One thing I noticed this trip is that at ages 6 and 3 the kids are at a point where they are motivated to get ready and can actually do a lot of the work to get themselves ready. Sarah Graves can get her suit on, put sunscreen on for the most part, and get stuff like her towel and puddle jumper together. Charlie needs more direction, but it is getting easier for him too. I loved being the mother of babies, but I find their independence a welcomed event in our lives!

These silly kiddos found a hideout!

Sarah Graves made an award winning bundt cake!

Mom's friend Debby and her grandkids came over to spend the day at the beach with us.

Sarah Graves enjoyed having big open space in the sand to practice her cartwheel!

 This little boy was staying at the same complex as ours and I think he had a crush on SG. He appeared any time we were in the pool and stayed quite close to her. She was not the least bit impressed by him and when he reached into her bag of popcorn to help himself, she gave him a cold look.

Lovie and Pops picked up prizes for the kids to make going home a little bit easier. They were definitely sad to leave the beach, but were immediately excited about upcoming camps and trips to the lake. 

Our summer got off to a great start at the beach! We are always grateful for all that Lovie and Pops do to make these family vacations fun for us and help us create sweet memories.

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