Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beach Day 3

We were at the beach for Memorial Day weekend. We swam in the morning and did the all American thing in the afternoon - went shopping!

These kiddos love the pool! They love jumping in, Sarah Graves can touch and doesn't always need a float, and she can dive down in the water! Charlie still wears a float since he can't touch, but loves playing in the water.

They indulged me and wore patriotic outfits. I am savoring every moment of Charlie wearing a Jon Jon! His days of wearing them are almost finished.

After shopping, Aaron and I took our crazies to play some putt putt. A new course opened right by the condo and they were anxious to try it out! 
Charlie was a wild man out there yelling some chant he made up and using his club like a sword! 
Sissy was focused on trying to play well. At first we thought she was just frustrated because she couldn't hit the ball where she wanted it, but as the evening wore on we realized she had a headache and fever. Poor kiddo was a real trooper and hung in there all 18 holes but by the end she felt really bad.

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