Monday, July 25, 2016

First Lake Trip

Lovie had a vision of having a lake house - a place close enough for us to get there for the weekend; a place to enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming; and most importantly, a place for us to enjoy time together. It took a while to find and she and Pops have worked very hard to get it all setup, but we finally had a chance to go and we fell in love!

Poor Char had the mishap of being stung by a wasp and boy did it hurt! He soon fell asleep right there on the boat.

Once he woke up, he was feeling good and ready for fun!

Livy was learning to drive the boat.

Uncle Ronnie and Chris were visiting and had a chance to hang out with us.

Mallory and her friend Lauren came too. (Sarah Graves loved hanging out with these big girls!)

The most fun part was being pulled on the tube behind the boat! Everybody had a chance to try it out and loved it! Charlie and Sarah Graves are definitely hooked!

The kids also love swimming in the lake. Jumping off the dock and splashing around in the warm water is great.

After being there for just one day we decided that we are definitely lake people!

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