Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter Month Twelve

Dear Sarah Graves,

You might notice that this letter is a little late; I have been busy with your party and all sorts of other things.  Anyway, I'm finally writing it now.  I can't believe that you're already a year old!  I spent the week leading up to your birthday remembering how I felt the same time a year before.  What a difference a year makes!  Who would believe that the little baby in my arms would grow into a big baby who runs, giggles, and has so much joy! 
We celebrated your first Christmas and your first New Year.  You were a little stunned on Christmas morning trying to take in so many new toys, but you have since learned to enjoy many of them.  You like your pal Violet a lot and you really enjoy these sorting bags with fabric foods.  You grab a bag and carry it around with you!  We sometimes find little pieces of "food" scattered around the house.  Although you weren't awake to ring in the new year, you did go to a New Year's Eve party.  You were so adorable and friendly to everyone there.  It was mostly people you know, but you let them hold you and talk to you. Your favorite thing to do that night was to run full force into the small tent that Lovey and Pops gave you for Christmas!  You looked like a little linebacker!
You are now proficient at walking and are definitely thinking about climbing.  You have learned the concept of standing on one thing in order to reach or climb on something else!  Oh my!  You have also discovered how fun it is to dig in drawers or cabinets.  We have most of them closed off with rubberbands, but there are a few that you can get into and you love to grab something and take off running with it.  You are developing a sense of humor because when I try to get something from you that is not yours, you take off giggling!  Such a funny girl!
We had a snow storm that we refer to as Snowapalooza 2011 and oh did we enjoy having several days to be at home with you.  Our street was frozen over with snow and ice making it so that we couldn't leave the house for a few days.  You had a cold at the same time, so it was great to be at home to cuddle with you and try to make you feel better.  You didn't stay feeling bad for long and were up and running pretty quick.  I wish we could have a family lock-in more often. 
During your cold you decided you weren't very interested in eating.  Maybe your throat was sore.  I was worried that you weren't going to stay the good eater, but your appetite has come back mostly.  You don't always want to eat your veggies, but you will usually eat yogurt or banana.  Bread is something that you have tried recently and you really like it!  As soon as you see us with food, you start signing more and food over and over.  Who could deny that?
You really are a miracle to me.  To watch you grow so big, learn to walk, start to talk, and discover so many new things; it's truly a gift.  I treasure all the time that we have together.  I hope that as you grow, you understand and feel just how much I love you and that nothing could ever change that.  You may be a big girl, but no matter how big you are, you will always be the sweet baby they layed on my chest that morning you were born. 

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Nikki said...

Oh Nat -- you always bring me to tears when I read these monthly letters!! What a great gift for sweet pea!!