Thursday, February 3, 2011

A bump and a scare

Since Sarah graves has been mobile, we have had many bumps and falls.  She usually gets over them pretty quickly.  Today she gave quite a scare when 15 minutes into her nap, Lovey heard a loud bump followed by a cry.  She fell in the crib somehow and it knocked the wind out of her and caused quite a bit of bleeding.  There is nothing to tell us what she hurt.  Her lip, mouth, teeth, and nose all appear fine.  After she calmed down, she is fine.  It is quite strange.  What would bleed, but then have no redness or swelling to indicate the source?
Having a toddler is fun and maybe a little scary!  She is so adventurous and has no idea about the dangers in the world.  I'm just glad she isn't seriously injured!

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