Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Monday Sarah Graves went for her 12-month check-up. We were a little later going because Dr. Long recommended that we wait 6 weeks between polio vaccines. So here are her stats: weight is 22.3 pounds (43rd percentile), height is 31.25 inches (90th percentile), and head circumference is 17.75 inches (16th percentile). So she is on the tall side, falls toward the middle on weight, and has a smaller head. She has lost a few ounces since we were at the pediatrician just over a month ago, but Dr. Long said he isn't concerned because she is walking so well and stays so busy.
I asked him about whether we should wean her off the bottle even though she doesn't drink much from the cup. He said no that she should stay on the bottle until 18 months. I thought that they were supposed to be off the bottle by 12 mos., but I guess I was wrong. So, she will continue to get a bottle during the day and Mom is mixing in some milk with the breast milk.
On the other hand, he felt we should get rid of the paci. The concern is that she is becoming attached to it. I think she is attached to it, but she only gets it for sleep and church. Sleep is for her benefit and church is for ours. Aaron and I agreed that it is not a big deal to us if she gets the paci for bed. It doesn't keep her from talking or interacting and I think eventually she will get the idea that pac is are for babies.
I asked about nutrition and was told that I shouldn't worry and just need to feed her good foods. I may try to read more to make sure she gets a good balance of foods.
All in all, she looks really healthy and is developing just great. She is so big that she didn't even cry during the shot! That makes it easier on me!

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