Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Christmas with Grancy & Gramma

Grancy and Gramma came for a quick visit before Christmas. It was a lot of fun to do Christmas with them and they got to see the kids open their gifts. We also did some fun Christmas activities.We packed a lot into just 2 days!

SG and Charlie were very excited to open gifts! SG made the logical argument that we should open gifts first so that Grancy and Gramma could see them enjoy their gifts!

Lots of excitement as they opened gifts!

After they enjoyed their gifts for a bit, they were ready to decorate gingerbread houses! They had been anticipating this activity for some time!

I should have videoed Grancy squirting icing into his mouth! He was so funny and just cackled every time!

She made her house just the way she wanted it and was very proud!

By late afternoon we were ready to get out and show Grancy and Gramma Holiday in the Park. The weather was mild and it was a great night to be there. The kids loved showing Grancy and Gramma all their favorite things at Six Flags!

It was a really fun day! We had a good time together and Holiday in the Park always makes me feel Christmas spirit.

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