Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Elf on the Shelf

Rainbow Bobby has been our loyal scout elf and this year much to Sarah Graves' delight, he brought a friend! We decided to name her Elfa Claire. It was touch and go there for a while as to what her name would be and whether or not we would lose a child in the negotiation process for the name. Eventually, it worked out pretty easy! Charlie wanted to name her Chip and Chippy Claire was not acceptable to him. Finally, he got hooked on Elfa and Sarah Graves agreed she could work with Elfa Claire - Claire was her pick.

Here are some memorable moments with our elves.

Hanging their underwear from the kitchen light always gets them! They love to see the elves doing something so silly!

Making a "snow" angel with sprinkles!

Hanging out on the mantle.

Just hanging around! Playing with some of the things in the toy set Sarah Graves picked out for them.

Who doesn't love some fun with Legos.

These elves get into some crazy situations!

In October this toy wish book came and that night we had to look through it and make our list!

Sarah Graves tucked her list away and pulled it out one evening in December to let the elves bring it back to Santa. She sweetly wrote this note asking them to take the message to Santa. 

Charlie let me write his requests and he wrote his name. 

Sarah Graves wrote her list herself. 

The kids delight in the elves. Charlie would look for them first thing every morning. As usual, they are sad when it is time for the elves to go home

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