Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the rest of the weekend doing different things.
Poker games at night

Time by the fire pit

GG had never had a s'more so it was a fun first for her!

The kids had fun just hanging out.

Time to relax.

Fisher is a funny kid!

Emme loves her Paw Paw.


The girls had fun doing clay projects!
SG had a mermaid

Abby had cute snails

 The girls asked for a tea party and enjoyed some snacks and lemonade on the deck.

Maw Maw with SG and Livy

Charlie was a little overwhelmed having so many people around. He told me one morning that he liked to get up early when it isn't so much people! Poor buddy, conked out in the middle of the afternoon and Maw Maw was happy to hold him.

Some more time playing poker.

Saturday we saw some of the family start to head home. We missed them, but kept on with the fun.

Rides on the jet ski!
Emme was patiently waiting her turn.

SG and Emme with Pops

Pops and Fisher

Brennan, Abby, and Pops 

Nay and Aunt Tammy took the kids out for a fall walk. 

Fun in the leaves!

By evening, the kids were ready for some time to relax and start watching Christmas movies.

With a nap and fewer people around, Charlie started to be more of himself. I'm glad that the grandmothers had a chance to see him humming and bopping around.

Sunday was time to head home. We had a fun time with everyone and left feeling better connected. I love that the kids had the chance to be with their cousins. It was so great to watch them having fun with extended family. There was a lot to be thankful for this holiday.

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