Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fun Sunday

We had a fun Sunday with Grancy and Gramma. Sarah Graves performed in the choir and we were happy for them to see her do such a great job!

Charlie posed for some cute pics while the choir warmed up!

She does such a great job and really enjoys ringing the bells!

After church, we all went to lunch together. 

Charlie kept Pops and Gramma laughing at his end of the table!

Sissy was happy to be by Grancy.

These kiddos are so cute together! SG and Charlie love being with Olivia!

We came home and the kids were eager to start baking! They made gingerbread men and Grancy's delicious chocolate pie!

This year it was a lot of fun to let them make cut out cookies and the pouches of pre-done icing made it fun for them to decorate the cookies all themselves. They did a lot of it on their own and I felt proud when SG knew that the dough was rolled too thin to make a good cookie!

So sweet to see her reading to Grancy!

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