Monday, April 6, 2015

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood hosted a fun egg hunt for the kids.They hid eggs in the cul de sac center area for the little ones to easily find and in the yards of the houses around the cul de sac for the bigger kids. Sarah Graves deemed herself a big kid and headed off to the yards. She was an eager hunter and Char quickly had the hang of picking up the eggs in the flower garden and bushes!

Lovie made SG a cute shirt that had Elsa wearing bunny ears!

Charlie had to work hard just to haul his basket around!

The neighbors all brought treats and I made these springy cupcakes to share.

Sarah Graves diligently looked for the eggs.

Charlie had the best time just opening each of his eggs to see what was inside!

Sarah Graves was proud of the eggs she found!

My sweet boy walking home holding daddy's hand and wearing his shirt with a dump truck full of Easter eggs from Lovie.

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