Thursday, April 16, 2015


On Friday I took the kiddos for well-visits. Sarah Graves was due for her 5 year old checkup and she is in good health. We saw Dr. Stokes and I really appreciated how she listened to me explain what we are doing to address her eating habits. The moment you say she doesn't eat fruits or vegetables, a flag goes up. She let me explain and agreed that we had a handle on the situation and Sarah Graves is growing steadily.
Sarah Graves weighs 41 pounds (54th percentile) and is 44 inches tall (72nd percentile). Sarah Graves bravely offered to go first to get her shot because she is older. I offered to go for a treat after as a reward for getting through the shot. She received the MMR vaccine this visit and did it great.
She and Charlie chose to go for ice-cream! A sweet treat for brave kiddos.

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