Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Sunday

The hit of the Easter basket were play-doh surprise eggs! Plastic eggs with a treat, ours had a my little pony inside, wrapped in play-doh!

My two little bunnies!

Charlie was in love with the chocolate in his basket.

It is always a challenge getting ready and breaking away from the basket to go to church, but we managed to do it smoothly and have smiles.

Charlie with their Easter bunnies and his baby Jake!

Sissy with some pretty flowers.

Flowering the cross at church.

Sissy was eager to do the egg hunt at church. Theirs works a little different than some. They put out tons of eggs each numbered from 1 - 12. The kids have to find all the numbers, then turn their eggs in for a prize! 

Charlie abandoned the effort quickly and just wanted to play on the playground!

Livy with her basket from Lovie and Pops.

Sissy with her basket from Lovie and Pops.

Charlie wearing his new hat from GG while he goes through his basket from Lovie and Pops.

The kids got these cute bunnies from Ms. Jacquie.

Grandaddy and Meme sent these yummy chocolate bunnies! Both kids have devoured them.
Olivia was so happy to get her basket from Nanny and Uncle Aaron! Maybe because there are packs hidden in the eggs!

Olivia was a good sport taking her picture with these eggs!

Charlie loves her and took the chance to talk to her!

I made this cute cake for our Easter dessert. Our meal was pretty simple with ham, sweet potato casserole, asparagus, and rolls. I made this cake and Aaron made a chocolate pie for dessert. 

We spent the afternoon hanging around outside talking and playing. The kids loved having time with Aunt Nay and just hanging around.

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