Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day at the Museum

Last week was Sarah Graves' spring break. We stayed in town, but we did do a couple of fun things out of our normal routine. On Tuesday, I picked her up for lunch and we went with Lovie, Nay, and Olivia to Tellus Science Museum. We had never been, but a co-worker of mine has been taking his kids there and they love it. Mine loved it too!
There was a fossil "dig" where kids use brushes to uncover fossils and get to take home a small "fossil" of their own. It was a hit with Charlie for sure!

There was also panning for gemstones. Charlie, a trough of water, and a pan to scoop it with - what's not to love!

This mirrored exhibit made for lots of fun!

Charlie wanted to check out how light makes a rainbow with Aunt Nay.

Livy was a rockstar and the kids loved on her.

SG with the propeller.

Charlie and his Lovie

Nay and Sissy had some fun playing Barbie in the back.

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