Friday, April 3, 2015

Lunch with Our Buddy

Charlie's school planned a spring activity for parents to have lunch with their kiddos. The weather wasn't great, so Aaron and I opted to pick Charlie up and take him to lunch.
He was really excited to see us and we had a chance to see his classroom and his teacher. I feel disconnected from his school because I don't go there and they use a carpool line, so we don't go in or see the teachers like I do at Little Apron. His teacher, Ms. Keri, is a young teacher who is really sweet.

Charlie was really excited to pick out a brownie and had that first! I love how Charlie eats with gusto!

Our selfie with his messy face!

He got tired and fell asleep before I could get a shot with Asron. Aaron worked from home the rest of the day and got a little extra time in with our man.

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