Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sesame Street Live!

For Charlie's birthday we purchased tickets to see Elmo at Sesame Street Live!  It has been two years almost to the day since we took Sarah Graves to see Sesame Street Live.  My how they have changed!  Can't believe that tiny newborn has grown into a handsome two year old just bursting with life.  Her love for her brother has not changed one bit.  She just adores him.  
We drove up to Greenville, SC for the show and it wasn't a bad drive.  We left right after breakfast and got there with plenty of time to grab a quick lunch before getting to the arena.  Cotton candy was a must have for both of them!  We had plenty of time to take in all the details of the vendors and the messaging that happens before the show.  The show was during nap time, but he stayed awake and seemed to enjoy it mostly.  There were lots of toddlers experiencing meltdowns in there, so they could be a little rowdy and no one noticed!  

Everybody wanted to be on momma's lap!

The show was about the Sesame Street gang making a new friend with a girl from India.  It was a cute show and we now get to enjoy the soundtrack as often as we want!  

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