Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disney Magic

I think a big part of the magic of Disney is in the details.  They remain accurate to the stories and look for ways to include the theme (or brand) into every aspect of your trip.  
I spent a lot of time planning our trip and read a lot.  My best resource was WDW Prep School.  There were itineraries for planning a Disney trip with preschoolers and for planning a princess oriented trip.  She does a wonderful job providing all kinds of ideas for details to make your trip comfortable and memorable.  
These envelopes for leaving a daily tip for the Mousekeeping crew were a lot of fun.  She has all sorts of theme choices on her site.  

Our dining plan gave us a snack each day and many of them went to these scrumptious ice cream sandwiches!

We might have had a few of these yummy cupcakes too!  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - what's not to love!

These drink mugs were part of the dining plan and came in handy.  You can get them filled at the hotel dining area and you can get ice water in the park to fill them up as you go throughout the day.  Plus, it's a fun souvenir!  

Some of the tips that I read that worked well were bringing an over the door shoe organizer to hang in the hotel to keep odds and ends organized and make your mornings go smoother.  One of our biggest issues with the Contemporary hotel was the lack of counter space in the bathroom, so this was handy to have.  Another tip that worked well was bringing a towel with us.  We used it to save spots for the Elctrical Light Parade, covered up a sleeping child in a cold restaurant on a couple of occasions, and used it to stay a little dry during a rainy morning.  Another tip that saved a lot of heartache was bringing all sorts of glow bracelets and other glow toys for the night events.  They sell lights of light up toys, but they get expensive and don't last long.  I bought a lot at the dollar spot in Target and the kids enjoyed playing with a lot of light up things.  

We had the Memory Maker package and I think it was a value.  We took a lot of our own pictures, too (over 1500 actually), but their sometimes got the best shot and we could get all of us in the shot.  It is nice to have some full family shots.  Plus, the site where you download the pictures has the fun borders and decorative things to make the pictures  

It was a lot of planning and I was a little stressed about whether it would all work out like I envisioned, but it really did and once we got going it was nice having so much already figured out.  Aaron and I agree that it was fun having Mom and Dad with us, we loved seeing them enjoy the kids, and it made our trip easier.  More adults seems to always make life easier with little kids.  Pops made sure they were hydrated and found fun play areas, Lovie made sure their things stayed with us and pulled a tired kiddo back from a meltdown a few times, and there was always someone to hold a tired kiddo.  We feel fortunate that Lovie and Pops wanted to come along with us and hope they would want to do it again.  
We had a magical trip and are already looking forward to doing it again!

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