Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter Month Twenty-Four

Dear Charlie,
I blinked and you were two years old.  Then, I got caught up with the rest of our life and am just now writing your letter.  You are still changing and learning so much, but I have a few notes to help me out.
The biggest thing for you has been starting school.  We knew you needed to go and be with other kids and felt sure you would love it when you were there, but we were so worried about the separation anxiety.  Love and I worried about it a lot, but when the day came, you had only a moment's hesitation, then you went on with Ms. Vanessa like the big boy that you are.  Your school is Buckhead Prep and you go a half day five days a week.  Lovie picks you up at lunch time and you basically pass out on your way home!
You are learning lots at school.  When I ask what you do there you say, "I run with kids!"  That sounds like you!  You are coming home with new songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.  You are also acting more mature - wanting to help tidy up and understanding that you are a little boy, not a baby!  In fact, I was rocking you and telling you how you were my baby and you very politely stopped nursing and said, "I not a baby, I little boy."  Nothing could
be more true.
You are a curious little guy.  You love to ask, "What you doing, Mommy?"  You are also growing more aware of other people's feelings.  Sometimes when Sissy is having a lot of strong feelings you will look at us and say, "Sissy angy!"  You are still a sweetheart giving spontaneous kisses and loving to be hugged and cuddled.  Nursing is very soothing to you and still how you like to get ready for sleep.  You can go to sleep without it just fine, but you like to do it when you can.
You are still a good eater.  You definitely like fruit and veggies and seem to prefer that over breads and rice.  That works out well since your sister doesn't eat fruit or veggie!  You like meat too, especially your sausage.  One bread item you like is waffles and you request sausage and waffle most days for breakfast.  If you had to pick, I would say that pizza is probably your favorite food.  You are okay with sweets, but they aren't a big deal to you.
You have become a great sleeper.  You sleep 10 - 11 hours at night and nap for 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  You like to be rocked and snuggled before you are put in your bed and you still really want your baby.  When you wake during the night, it seems to be a bad dream or you lost your baby and can't find it.  A year ago I never thought I would be describing your sleep as being good.  We have come a long way since you were 5 or 6 months old and I was sure you would never sleep!
You have really gotten interested in Daniel Tiger.  I don't think interested is a strong enough word for it, you are addicted to Daniel Tiger.  You ask for it at the start of the day and frequently describe it as, "I need Daniel Tiger!"  It is a cute program and he is very loving.  You even say, "Ugga Mugga" like Daniel to indicate "I love you".  You like to rub noses and say, "Ugga Mugga."  Also part of your routine is looking for the trash man.  You love to watch him come to Lovie's, especially if you can catch him in the front and in the alley.
As if overnight I can see that you aren't a baby anymore.  You will always be my baby and I will always look at you and see fat cheeks and big, dark eyes, but you have made the transition from baby to little boy.  You are funny and full of life.  I am so thankful that you are my little boy.

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