Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh the places she'll go!

Before Sarah Graves was born we debated using cloth or disposable diapers and one of Aaron's concerns about cloth diapers was that they may leak.  We have put the decision on hold while we use up the disposable diapers that we already had, but the other night Sarah Graves gave her Daddy a special spot to sleep when her diaper leaked on his side of the bed!  She left a lovely wet spot that he was not very fond of.  I absolutely could not quit laughing because I thought it was so funny!  I'm sure this made Aaron feel so much better.  It seems that no diaper is leak proof!
I may not have had a wet spot in bed, but I have had my share of being peed or pooped on.  The funniest was while we were taking some pictures of her all curled up with her cute little behind exposed and as I was holding her getting ready for the picture she began to poop.  Mom quickly got a towel and we began trying to stop the mess.  Then as we thought we had it under control, she began peeing and it was spraying everywhere in our bathroom.  We all had a good laugh over that one.  Who knew bodily functions could be so amusing!

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Nikki said...

OMG -- I laughed out loud at this post!! Y'all are having too much fun!!