Friday, February 26, 2010

Pondering Pediatricians

Yesterday we went for a consultation with another pediatric practice, Kennesaw Pediatrics.  This practice came recommended by a Defeating Autism Now doctor in the Atlanta area.  The consultation was a little different because one consultation is scheduled for several potential clients rather than the individual meeting we have had with other practices. 
There were a lot of nice things about the practice and they seem to really care for kids and want it to be a good experience.  A cool thing they have is an air purifiying system that removes 99% of the mold, bacteria, and viruses from the waiting areas and exam rooms.  There is also a track with a subway train that runs all along the ceiling throughout the waiting area, a little like the trolly on Mr. Rogers.  The doctor is willing to do an alternative vaccine schedule and sounded like he is willing to support what parents think is best.  I don't think he would encourage it, but if you ask for it, he will do it.  So, I found a pediatrician who is willing to work with us on the schedule. 
The complicating thing is that Aaron has been telling me about research he is reading that says vaccines have no impact on autism or autoimmune disorders, and that environmental toxins may be the bigger culprit.  So now the dilemma is whether we leave Dr. Fleming and her conveniently located practice with the CDC vaccine schedule to go to this doctor who I don't like quite as much as Dr. Fleming and the location is definitely more of a drive, but we could do an alternative schedule.  I don't know what to choose!  I hate making these types of decisions.

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