Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letter Month One

Dear Sarah Graves,
It's hard to believe that you are already one month old!  Although in some ways I feel like I have known you for much longer.  Probably because all that time you were inside me I got to know you and bonded with you before I ever saw you. 
Let's see, your first month in the world has been pretty eventful.  One big thing is that you are eating and growing like a champ.  As soon as you came out you knew how to nurse and have been doing quite well with it.  I enjoy spending time watching you eat and seeing you look so content after you are finished.  You have the sweetest way of laying your head on my breast and give me a small smile as if to say thanks when you are done.
You have started sleeping in your bassinett some and have napped in your crib some. However, your favorite place to sleep is still in someone's arms. You are quite a loud sleeper. You make lots of cooing noises when you are asleep and sometimes you give a short cry out. The cutest thing is to watch you have a dream about eating and you start to work your mouth as though you are nursing.
You are working very hard to be able to move your head on your own.  You can turn it to the side when laying down and you can lift it up off my shoulder.  You are also able to follow objects on your mobile and even seem to bat at one of the toys on your bouncy seat with your hand.  You haven't really discovered your hands yet, but I think you will be pleased when you do.
  Another big thing this month has been you meeting your family and boy do they love you!  Your Daddy has been taken with you from the start; Mom, Pops, and Aunt Nay were there to see you from the moment you were born and fell deeply in love with you; Grancy came the next day and you captured her heart; your big sister, Lucy, is so excited by you and can't wait to be able to play with you, and then  Grandaddy and Beverly came a couple of weeks later and were just in awe of you.  You have a lot more family who are very anxious to meet you and I am sure they will fall as deeply in love with you as I am.
This past month we have taken you on several outings. Of course, we've been to the pediatrician a couple of times, Mom and I have taken you out on a few shopping adventures, you went to your first Junior League meeting, went to church for the first time, and you made your first visit to Mom and Pops' house.  You seem to enjoy riding in the car, but you don't like getting into the carseat and you definitely don't have patience for red lights!  Mom has taught me how to make the car "bump" while we're stuck at a light and you seem to be more pleased with that bumping motion.  You have been a great shopper already and I look forward to many more afternoons shopping with you and Mom.  Your first visit to Mom and Pops' house was for the Super Bowl and what an exciting one it was!  Who would have believed that the Saints would finally win a Super Bowl.  You were the hit of the Super Bowl party and were such a good girl.  You seemed to enjoy everyone holding you and I think you liked all the noise of the party. 
I have dreamed all my life of being a momma and you have made it come true.  I so love being your momma and can't wait for all the things that we will do together.  I am so fortunate to have you as my sweet baby girl.


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I think that is truly the sweetest thing I have ever read. I am sitting at my computer reading and the words get blurrier with each new sentence from the tears of happiness I have for you and Sarah Graves. She is so lucky to have such an attentive, loving, wonderful person to call her momma. I am so happy for you that you are so clearly enjoying motherhood! I hope I can make it back to Atlanta sometime in the near future. I so want to meet this precious baby!