Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swaddle Me

The swaddle me (a.k.a. baby straightjacket) has been a huge help.  It has velco on it to keep it snug around her arms so that they can't get free, which prevents her from bringing her arms up and startling herself.  We have been using this to swaddle her since we were in the hospital and it has worked so well! Swaddling her in a receiving blanket just doesn't do enough to keep her arms in.  She is like a little houdini and can find a way to get her arm free!  The other great thing about it is that it makes her very compact, so she is easy to handle when swaddled so snug.  I also like knowing that she is nice and warm and covered up when she is asleep. 
I only use it now at night because I don't want to overuse it and have it not work as well!  We have 4 of these and one of them is always in the wash.  The only drawback is that it starts to ride up and form what we refer to as her turtleneck. 
Anybody who has seen "Happiest Baby on the Block" understands how important swaddling is to newborn contentment and this is very helpful in that.  By the way, Dr. Karp's recommendations on how to comfort your newborn really do work!  I have been so happy that we have something to try when she does get a little fussy.
I will definitely be giving the swaddle me as a baby gift from now on!

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